The True King

Welcome to the shrine area of The Ficto Corner. Here, you may look at an assortment of screencaps from FFXV and Kingsglaive. All of which feature the true King of Light, and first King of Lucis, Ardyn Lucis Caelum. I will put captions under each image, so that you all can see what I'm thinking Enjoy the gallery!

This is Ardyn in an Imperial Drednaught just before the final conflict of Kingsglave. His face actor/refference is Edward Saxby. He looks good. However, I prefer the in-game version.

This image is of Ardyn standing at the outlook in Lestallum at night in FFXV. The way he smiles is enough to start a fire in my heart. He's just so photogenic, I could cry!

This is a picture I took myself, using Prompto's camera! Look at how gorgeous he is! His stubble, his sunset eyes, his lightly sunkissed skin. He's truly like the marble statues of ancient Greece and Rome.

This is Ardyn when you first meet him in Galdin Quay. Just look at that handsome face! His jaw could cut diamonds! Not to mention, that mischeivous gleam in his eye. He's up to something, I just know it!

Yet another snapshot of Ardyn. He's giving Noctis and his friends their "Allowance" before he leaves. The way he moves in this scene is positively hypnotizing.